Joint Federal Pharmacy Chiefs

COL John Spain MS USA
Army Pharmacy Consultant
and Army Medical Command Pharmacy Program Manager
Phone: 703-681-5959

Navy Pharmacy Consultant
and Navy Pharmacy Specialty Leader
Phone: 703-681-9119

Col Scott Sprenger USAF BSC
Air Force Pharmacy Consultant
and Air Force Biomedical Sciences Corps Associate Corps Chief of Pharmacy
Phone: 703-681-7880

CAPT Deborah Thompson USPHS USCG
Coast Guard Pharmacy Consultant
and Coast Guard Pharmacy Program Coordinator
Chief, Quality and Improvement Division, USCG HQ
Phone: 202-475-5181

RADM Pam Schweitzer
Chief Pharmacy Officer, USPHS Commissioned Corps
Phone: 410-786-2832

Mike Valentino
Chief Consultant, Pharmacy Benefits Management 
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs



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